Time Distance Meeting Location Address Region Types
1:00 pm Hand in Hand Workshop I Can Club 110-54 Farmers Blvd St. Albans Discussion, Open, Wheelchair Access
6:00 pm Back to Basics Allen Senior Citizens Complex 168-1 Linden Blvd Jamaica Newcomer, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm In God's Hands Bishop Molloy Retreat House 86-45 Edgerton Blvd Jamaica Closed
7:30 pm St Albans St Albans the Martyr-Episcopal Church 116-42 Farmers Blvd St. Albans Open, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pm Grupo 24 Horas de Queens 90-05 175th Street 90-05 175th St Jamaica Big Book, Spanish
8:00 pm Grupo Tradiciones 90-46 150th Street 90-46 150th St Jamaica Newcomer, Spanish