Time Distance Meeting Location Address Region Types
Noon Harlem Humanists St Mary's Episcopal 521 W 126th St West Harlem Atheist / Agnostic, Open, Wheelchair Access
12:15 pm Fellowship at Noon Spiritual Renewal Church 2044 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd West Harlem Newcomer
4:30 pm Meditation Comes to Harlem S.A.G.E. 127 W 127th St West Harlem Closed, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Mid-Harlem Grace Congregational Baptist Church 310 W 139th St West Harlem Step Meeting, Tradition Study
7:00 pm Riverside Riverside Church 91 Claremont Ave West Harlem Closed, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm A Chance to Live Again SRO Building 109 W 129th St West Harlem Newcomer, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Monday Night Challenge St James Presbyterian Church 409 W 141st St West Harlem Newcomer